Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Tech Talk

3 tips to keep technology safe and accessible while traveling
Using technology while away often requires some advance prep to reduce potential disruptions to Web-based email, apps and cloud storage to reduce the risk of criminal activity.
Must-have supplies for a successful year at college
Every college student will want these supplies for a successful year of school.
Modern parents look to mobile devices for hassle-free meals
Today, more people than ever before are diving into their smartphones and tablets to remove a bit of stress from their day-to-day routines, including planning healthy meals.
Have you gone mobile with your money? Survey says most Americans have
More Americans than ever are using their mobile devices for banking. You may be surprised at the complex transactions you can do through mobile banking.
Nomophobia: When a modern smartphone affliction leads to addiction
For people who are extremely connected to their mobile devices, going without them, even for only a few minutes, can be an anxiety-filled experience. Nomophobia, or the pathological fear of remaining out of touch with technology, is a relatively modern affliction.
Keep your family organized with these helpful tips
Follow these simple tips to keep your family organized and running efficiently.
Preparing for cyber warfare
The question is being raised - is America prepped to handle a contemporary cyber war?
Must-have technology is making bathrooms healthier, safer, more enjoyable
Home technology is transforming American bathrooms and how we use them.
How 'big data' is changing your movie-viewing experience
What do movie-kiosk offerings, marketing campaigns and Godzilla have in common? The obvious answer is "the movie industry," but another equally important common element ties all three together: they're all the product of big data.
5 things parents should be aware of when it comes to kids and digital devices
Kids are exposed to blue light from digital devices nonstop, and eye doctors are reporting a 50 percent increase in digital eye strain because of it.
Librarians: unsung heroes of the digital age
Learn why librarians are more important than ever in the digital age.
Game on: Kid tested, parent approved?
Video games can be a great teaching tool for kids. Here's how to pick ones that children will love while they're learning.
You could be losing money - if you don't recycle that old smartphone [Infographic]
Hoarding old electronic devices could be costing you money.
Small businesses using tablets do more, faster and better
Small businesses are using tablet technology to streamline operations, control costs and enhance customers' experience.
Make it easy: Tips for staying productive this summer
The following tips can help you ensure that the technology you have makes it easy to make more happen in less time so you can enjoy summer.
Take these steps to keep your kid's information secure on school computers
Check out what you need to ask to make sure your child is safe while getting the most out of today's digital classroom.
Basement flooded? This device could have prevented damage by shutting off water at the source
Few things match water's destructive power. Learn what to look for in your home.
High-tech gift ideas for grads that won't break the bank
Show your support and go beyond the typical graduation gift of a card and money. Instead, give graduates something they're guaranteed to use every day: technology.
Addressing a new era in security: how to protect your business from the inside out
Small businesses aren't safe from cyber criminals. Learn how to protect your small business from physical and digital threats.
Thinking about crypto mining? Get started today!
Solving math problems, earning some money and doing it all while you sleep - sounds like a good deal right? Crypto-miners are doing just that, and you can join the club.
Digital 'spring cleaning' tips help prevent cyber crime
Follow these steps to spring clean your cyber footprint and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime.
Cellphones, batteries, computers: Simple ways to recycle electronics and reduce e-waste
While Americans understand the benefits of recycling bottles, cans and paper, they aren't as savvy when it comes to recycling electronics. Here's how you can recycle popular consumer electronic devices.
Digital mirrors, no lines, instant ordering: New retail technologies will change the way you shop
From digital mirrors that allow you to virtually try on outfits to technology that lets you hand-gesture through a virtual brochure, new retail technologies are about to change the way you shop forever.
Computer screens, smartphones and TVs - blue light from electronic devices raising concerns for eye health
Dramatic shifts in digital tool usage and media consumption are exposing eyes to blue light from electronic devices which can be very damaging.
Better than a siren: How new technology is keeping people safe from tornadoes
Tornado season has arrived for many areas of the United States, and tornado sirens may be the only warning many may receive that a tornado is on the ground.
Simple tips to keep busy families organized
Keeping your family organized is harder now than it ever was before. Learn how technology can help you and your family stay ahead of the game.
Protect kids from dangers lurking online
What parents should know to protect kids from the dangers lurking in the Deep Web.
Stopping the drain: Innovative technology helps conserve water throughout the house
Technology and innovation are empowering homeowners to conserve more water and energy throughout the home.
Parents: How to pick the right cost-effective technology device for your child's learning
Parents considering buying a chromebook for their children to use in school should keep these pointers in mind.
Facing brain surgery? Know all your options
Fear is a normal reaction when you've just been told your headaches and blurry vision are symptoms of a brain tumor which is serious enough that you will need treatment. Whether you're facing the prospect of brain cancer or another neurological problem, it's important to face your concern by becoming informed about your condition and all treatment options.
Learning on the go: How digital learning can help you understand any topic instantly
One of the most active groups of digital learners is adults - a movement that is being driven by the desire for self-improvement and to gain knowledge about a variety of topics of personal interest. Here's what you need to know about this fascinating evolution.
Is your technology working for you?
For every new computer, gadget or service there are several different stages of ownership. Unfortunately, the first and happiest phase - the honeymoon - doesn't last forever. Eventually, devices can slow, services get outdated, and in the end, the ailing technology begins to work against you.

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