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Linda and son Mike put her German Shepard Daisy to sleep November 23, 2020 after Winger, (Mike’s dog) and Daisy had a fight with a bear or some animal. When Daisy came into my life, she didn’t know a lot about sit, stay, lay down, be good, and she didn’t like people much. How I got her in the first place is another great story for another time.

The first night she was at my home, I slept by her on the laundry room floor and the next morning she was stuck to my hip, and was there ever since. I would take her for walks around Nevis or I should say she pulled me into the trees, into deep snow and didn’t have the same heeling plan that I thought we were working on.

I remember Kelly Cirks driving by us, shaking his head and saying good luck, but a month later when Daisy got it and walked beside me even without a leash, he would drive by us, smile and give a thumbs up!

Playing ball with her too was not a fun event, she would run, get it, then lay down and bark. You know before I got her, if someone would have said I would be having a hair bag dog riding around in my nice clean vehicle, I would have said hell no, but I did. Hair everywhere but she was with me all of the time. She was loved at the Spruce House when I worked there, she was loved at Care Age Home. I didn’t bring her with one day and everyone was not happy with me, all I heard all day was “I miss Daisy.” Also, you don’t see very many dogs in church, but she was there too. Dogs need God in their lives TOO, I think.

Everyone in Hubbard County saw her riding in the bed of my truck and she would stay there. If I went to a two hour movie in Hackensack or in the grocery store I knew she would be there when I came out. People would ask me how she stays there, I would tell them she stays because she loves me. But you didn’t want to get to close to the truck, Scott Kramer and another co-worker got a little close to the truck walking back to school one day and Daisy barked like a nut job and scared them. His co-worker took off running, leaving Scott to get gobbled up! But let her out on the ground and she would have licked their face.

Daisy loved other animals, she would lay and watch bunnies play in our yard, last summer her and a deer were nose to nose right by my screened in deck. They jumped and chased one another (for about 45 minutes), it was so cute. She even greeted a bear that walked across the yard, until the bear snorted once. I called her back on the porch, but I’m sure that’s why she never was even worried or scared of the animal that took her life.

She never liked to eat alone, from the time I got her, so I would stand in the laundry room until she was done.

One night Missy was here for dinner and Daisy would come around the corner and bark. I would tell her go eat, third time I told her that, she brought Missy shoes and barked, TIME TO GO.

My son Mike and I will bury her in my yard by a big rock and a tree I hauled from my farm in North Dakota, Mike said Daisy will have that tree grow as strong and beautiful as she was. She really loved me and would protect me from anything. I really loved her too and she is really missed!

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  1. Jim on April 9, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    Sweet. Know your loss.

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