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Karla Vasey 1957 – 2023

Karla K. Vasey died on October 18, 2023 at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood, MN. She was attended by her siblings and their spouses, and many nieces and nephews. Her large and generous heart finally gave out at the age of 66.
Karla was born on October 16, 1957. Karla was a Sebeka High School alumnus, graduating with the class of 1976. She then trained to be a dental assistant and worked as such for a number of years. Most of her working life took place in geriatric settings, where she was employed as a nursing assistant and a trained medication aide. She worked tirelessly as long as she was able, striving to brighten the day for her patients, and was recognized numerous times by her employer for her dedicated service.
She was a precious sister and a devoted daughter; but Karla’s starring role in this life was as an aunt. She loved babies and young children. She spent time with many nieces and nephews, and paid attention to each one. She shared her sense of imagination and play. She allowed them to practice driving in her car, taught them to cut loose with a harmless swearing game. She led swimming down the Crow Wing River with them. She would surreptitiously toss coins on the street when taking walks with them, then take quiet pleasure when their faces lit up upon discovering the shiny treasure. They could talk about things with her that they maybe couldn’t discuss with their parents. She invited their confidences, listened, and gave advice when needed. She was unfailingly generous with her time and shared whatever she had to share.
Karla was a storyteller who took pride in reviving and maintaining tales of family history and events, and she was incredibly loyal. She loved beauty in all forms, with a little splash of glitter or bling thrown in. When she was younger, she enjoyed being a bit of a flirt, and was considered to be a Brigette Bardot look-alike. She was exceptionally strong and could do a perfect cartwheel. She loved to laugh and would deliver an unexpected zinger sometimes with her acerbic wit. She enjoyed movies, followed her favorite celebrities, explored many different musical genres and artists, and passionately loved reading books. She was always aware of new trends and fashions and kept up to date with current ideas. She enjoyed good food, but didn’t cook other than her famous pasta salad for family reunions. She tended to view things optimistically, could be very stubborn and was an inveterate procrastinator.
Throughout her life, Karla was a strong supporter of all her family members, her parents, her siblings and their spouses and children, and even their children, and especially so if/when they were in need. Family was the center of her life. She had a lightness, a blithe spirit that transcended any physical limitations placed on her in later life.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Evan and Esther Vasey, and her sisters, Evanne Vasey and Junelle Gustafson, as well as her brothers-in-law Clinton Linn and Mark Gustafson. Her presence will be greatly missed by her surviving family: Autumn Linn, Raina and Tom Riedesel, Blaise and Lisa Vasey, Barth and Patty Vasey, Shereen and Dan Gilyard, Rona and John Schleder, Leatha and Mike Lannes, and numerous loving nieces and nephews. A private memorial will be held by family and a tree planted in her memory.

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